Gulf Cooperation Council Joint Program Production Institution
A GCC-based official Gulf-based institution headed by a Board of Directors comprising members from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries which contribute to its establishment, namely, "United Arab Emirates - Kingdom of Bahrain - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Sultanate of Oman - State of Qatar - State of Kuwait"
It was established in January, 1976 and started its first production in mid-1977 through the educational instructional program (Iftah Ya Simsim)

Objectives of Institution
The Institution objectives identified with the production of radio and television programs to be presented by radio and television stations of the Member Countries.
First: Reviving Arab and Islamic history and highlighting the ideals of the true religion of Islam.
Second: Reviving the Gulf heritage, especially folklore, and working on recording it as a documentary.
Third: Upgrading the artistic production of radio and television programs.
Forth: Revealing emerging buds in various fields of arts, literature and science