Director General speech



Everything in this presence has a beginning --- and the beginning of the journey in the joint Gulf media work was a step in which the agreement was signed to establish the Gulf Cooperation Council Joint Program Production Institution, in order to make the Gulf Joint House a real Gulf media organization, existed on the 9th October 1976 G.

Through the promulgation of the Decree by Law No. 71 of 1976, they aimed to produce a joint radio and television programs highlighting the distinctive features of the peoples of the region, interacting with their environmental problems and trying to introduce the glories and heroism of the peoples of this region and work to link their modern history with their ancient heritage and show the various aspects and fields of arts and literature.

And the production wheel started therein, pioneering programs in the field of child education and inception in the forefront of which was (Iftah Ya Simsim) program, which was and is still a model for integrated educational work aspects ... In addition to the dubbed serials (Flone, Adnan wa Lina, Little Memole, Sahm Al Fadaa and many others) and cartoon series (Zaator, Dumtum Salmin, Malson Dot Org, My Profession), cartoon films (Aladdin, Zina and Nahul, the bird of goodness, son of the jungle)

The mission of the Institution was not limited to children's programs, but its programs are a shining light of all the facts and aspects of life that concern the Gulf citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries ... And all sources and methods covered by the Enlightenment media, which takes from its data a source to complete its messages and achieve its ambitions through a long process of giving.

The sound of its programs has resonated by giving after giving: (Salamatak) in the field of health , (Stop) in the field of traffic and a documentary series of documentaries (Gulf culture and building, Gulf, the energy reservoir of the world, Gulf cities) , In the field of religious programs of (Arab Islamic civilization, mosques with a history), supported by dramas that deal with all aspects of social life of the individual and his relationship with himself and with others around him, leveraging the ceiling of evaluation in the media competition between them and those working in the field of art at both the civil and official levels for the highest standards of quality with a more beneficial outcome in the results and some of these series are ((Zohor wa Judran, Bait Bou Khaled, to the youth with greetings, our lives, Aker Al-Anqud, life has another face, our big house ... etc.), a generous giving that exceeded 40 years of his career, which enriched the archives of the radio and television libraries of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries with its program creations which have won many awards of festivals and competitions to become a testament to their quality.

A meaningful media message that our brethren who served as directors of this institution have taken its responsibility to deliver it to you with Ability as it should be, then the custody transferred to us to fulfill its rights required by God's care and conciliation, and deliver it to those who are after us ... uncompromised.