Al-Jabri opens Studio Salmiya: a vital pillar in upgrading info media system

Minister of Information and State Minister for Youth Affairs Mohammed Al-Jabri affirmed that the new Salmiya studio is considered to be an important pillar in the development process and upgrade of the information media system in the Ministry through addition of modern high-quality equipment which are in line with the rapid development in the information media sector. In a statement he issued during the opening ceremony of the studio in Salmiya area, Minister Al-Jabri described the project as a pioneering one that is within the framework of developing and upgrading the main infrastructure outside the ministry’s main building, and that it reflects on the increase of both live and recorded programs. He indicated that “Studio Salmiya” is located on an area of 600 square meters, and has a main control room, adding that it is considered to be a vital and important studio on the regional level due to its excellent location especially since it contains the latest broadcasting, receiving and media production devices. and praised the national employees working in the ministry and the achievements witnessed in this sector, which led to the realization of several milestones in Kuwait’s information media sector. And affirmed that, “Our working youths are constantly cared and catered for.

He drew attention to the training Programs and provision of skills are in constant movement in accordance with an ambitious plan, which was prepared to ensure constant growth in the local information sector and continued its leading. In the same context, the minister later of the opening visited the headquarters of the GCC Joint Program Production Institution in the building of Ministry of Information in Salmiya area, where he, accompanied by its Director General Ali Al-Rees, toured the institution’s sectors. Minister Al-Jabri praised the mission of the institution in terms of producing programs which depict Islamic and Arab culture as well as enhance traditions which link the GCC community in terms of single civilization and history, as well as joint destiny.

And appreciated the cooperation and coordination among the GCC towards the consolidation of noble values and the original traditions.<< Based on the teachings of tolerance and moderation in our true religion and our praiseworthy sharia 'a and the embodiment of the vision of the Majesties, Excellences and Highnesses of GCC leaders and enrich the joint gulf work in all fields >>,

Al-Jabri affirmed the need to keep upwith developments in the fields of formulating and implementing media production by addressing youth and young people in a language that is in line with the world's rapid development in the field of media products, thus enhancing the civilizational role of the joint program production institution in raising awareness and guiding this category and serving the Gulf communities.

He said that during his visit to the institution, he was briefed on what it has achieved and what it works to accomplish of programs and projects, confirming that the continuation of providing all means of support for it in order to carry out its informative and civilized role.