Birds of the Kingdom of Bahrain: -
Documentary film about birds and bird reserves in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Gulf Cities- Mysteries of Socotra

Heroes of the Gulf

A cartoons series of six heroes embody by their unity, which brings together their countries from the insistence to get good on evil, facing the bad guys in every location throughout the Arab world, armed with extraordinary abilities and exceptional skills that stand out only when they unite with each other to counter the plots of treachery and evil, in their union power and in their adventures embody Power, they are the heroes of the Gulf.
Number of episodes: 30 episodes

Movie of son of jungle

A legend tells the story of a man called Hay Ben Yakazan who grew up on Wahd Island, represents the man, his relation to the universe and religion, and contains many sub-stories and legends, created by philosophers and contains philosophical content. The first author of the story of the neighborhood of ben Yakazan is the philosopher ben Sina, and did so during his imprisonment, then reconstructed by Shahabuddin Soharwardi and then written by the Andalusian philosopher Ibn Tufail, then was the last Narration of the story by Ibn al-Nafis, who paid attention to some of the original contents of Ibn Sina, which did not agree with his doctrine, so he redrafted it to be the story of the neighborhood of Ibn Yakazan by Saleh ben Kamel. The most famous of these four, which the story is associated with his name is the Ibn- Tufail. And from the fame of this philosophical story, Western stories such as the story of Robinson Crusoe and Tarzan have been inspired thereby.
Duration of the Movie is (90) minutes

The Moment of Truth

Short flashers review the decisions that concern the GCC citizens in various fields.
Number of episodes: 30 episodes

Gulf civilization and building (the future of water-lifeblood)

Water is the lifeblood, this episode monitors ways to conserve water both from natural sources and through the process of refining and treatment.
Episode Duration: Half hour TV